Our story​

After more than twenty years’ experience in civil and labour law, Paola Pezzali founded the law firm Cafiero Pezzali & Associati with Ciro Cafiero, who began to practise law in 2008 at the law firm Martone & Martone. He specialises in the same field and teaches Master of Law in Labour Law in several universities.


Cafiero Pezzali & Associati provides judicial and extrajudicial support for individuals, national and international companies in labour law, industrial relations and social security.


Cafiero Pezzali & Associati was selected as Italian labour law excellence to take part in the first international meeting on artificial intelligence, blockchain and labour organised by think tank Geneva Macro Labs in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) at the United Nations Building in Geneva.


Cafiero Pezzali & Associati was top-ranked professional in legal advice and assistance on Forbes and received major international awards. It formed an important partnership with the Social Innovation Monitor of the Politecnico di Torino.

Thanks to the results achieved in labour cost reductions for companies and better work-life balance for workers, Cafiero Pezzali & Associati has become a point of reference for collective bargaining on smart-working, that is, agile work. Together with important international organisations, it initiated studies on the new boundaries of privacy and, therefore, on the challenges of labour law.

Cafiero Pezzali & Associati provides support in all jurisdictions including higher ones throughout Italy. It has offices in Rome, Imola and Milan. It made its expertise available to well-known business groups in internationalisation processes and, with great honour, to the Holy See.

The working method of Cafiero Pezzali & Associati is the result of a combination of elements: competence, updating, strategy, contract engineering, flexibility, availability towards clients’ needs and new technologies. It provides individual clients with bespoke teams. The objectives are always effectiveness and quality. In some cases, it relies on the support of major strategic and institutional communication companies.

Since January 2020, Cafiero Pezzali & Associati has been part of a Pool of Professionals with interdisciplinary skills, operating particularly in Milan.


In 2021, Cafiero Pezzali & Associati entered into a partnership with Becker LLC, an American law firm with expertise in labour law and with offices in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California. They will work in synergy to assist their respective clients with a view to offering a broader range of services.


With experiences in direct collaboration with the Minister of Equal Opportunities under the Draghi government, Cafiero Pezzali & Associati set up a department specialised in diversity and inclusion.