Interview with the lawyer Cafiero on the value of work in the Encyclical “Fratelli Tutti”

What does the #Encyclical #BrothersTutti teach us about work? Four things:
1) Work must be dignified for everyone, especially for the poorest, who do not have the strength to impose themselves, because, as Saint Ambrose wrote, the poor are not a curse;
2) The destiny of the richest is connected to that of the poorest because we are all interconnected in social circles to say it with Simmel and an economy is not in equilibrium if wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few: it is necessary to re-read St. Thomas;
3) The homo oeconomicus has failed and even in the world of work, we need to be generative, create new opportunities and take care of those who are able to seize them, in a word only enhance the anthropological richness as Amartya Sen reminds us: on a practical level , this means: growth incentives for virtuous companies, corporate social responsibility, good welfare, remuneration linked to objectives, alliance between companies and workers for productivity;
4) Only work and not subsidies can achieve these goals.
Here, if it can be useful, an interview of mine, from minute 11, for @radioinblu #radioinblu with @chiaraplacenti