Smart working, the right to health and safety at work: how companies must adapt to the C.D. Phase 3

The Smart Working introduced by the urgency decree on Covid-19 suffers marked differences from ordinary Smart Working such as, for example, the place of performance, the regulation of disciplinary aspects, the theme of safety.

The latter, in particular, is experiencing a moment of deep attention as a consequence of the Covid-19 emergency. Companies must ask themselves about the need to revisit internal systems, from the DVR for the assessment of specific risks to the preparation of new measures to restart activities, following the example of some large multinationals such as FCA.

The webinar aims to identify the remedies to the leaks that have been created to avoid any disputes and to describe, for the benefit of professionals and businesses, the new measures which must be adapted for the implementation of the internal security model, also in terms of administrative liability of the entity.

Q & A
During the Live Webinar, about 15 minutes will be dedicated to the questions of the participants.