Milan 25-26 October 2016 – Fiera Milano Fiera Milano City Mico Pavilion 0 Gate 15 via Gattamelata – Turquoise Room 2 – MM Lilla-Portello The reflections conducted through the 2016 Forum program tend to enhance the legacy deriving from previous editions, in particular the support of the slogans – #adottaungiovanedisoccupato and #adottaungiovanefuturo – which marked the fluid and fruitful debate resulting from the 2015 edition. Slogans that we remember being innovators and precursors of the current reality. They represent an “evocative charge” with respect to the work system, the need for renewal projected to the relay of the country’s productive class, to the training system aimed at increasing excellence, through the capitalization of the skills of each individual. Therefore, this year’s edition is focused on analyzing the dynamics concerning youth unemployment and what scenarios can be constructed in order to formulate concrete development proposals for the growth of the country system.
FIRST CONFERENCE OCTOBER 25 HOURS 11:00 BY FLAEI CISL   OVERCOME THE CRISIS BY INVESTING IN YOUNG PEOPLE In a historical moment in which youth unemployment in Italy reached about 40%, the gross domestic product fell by 3%, against a general growth in all the other countries, and the number of new entrepreneurs is the lowest in absolute terms, the Italian recovery necessarily passes through the Youth. The meeting aims to take stock of the resources and tools available to the country to move from defense to attack, that is, from the emergency to the investments necessary to make the economic system competitive again. He chairs and moderates Carlo De Masi Secretary General FLAEI-Cisl Introduced Carlo Meazzi National Secretary of FLAEI-Cisl   Speakers Emanuele Fontani Nucleco CEO Emilia Rio A2A Human Resources Director Cristina Cofacci Industrial Relations Enel Italia Stefano Giudici Edison Industrial Relations Manager Ciro Cafiero Labor lawyer   concludes Osvaldo Domaneschi Cisl Lombardy Secretary General       SECOND CONFERENCE OCTOBER 25 AT 15:00 BY CISL

FORM OF PENSIONS AND WORK FOR YOUNG PEOPLE The current pension system, tightened by the Fornero law, is based on the progressive increase in the average life span (which consequently determines an extension of the pension payment period) and the slowdown in economic growth (which causes a reduction in the amount of contributions necessary to pay pensions) effectively penalizing both the elderly and the young. The agreement signed between the government and trade unions and the changes being implemented, through the recent changes in outgoing flexibility, give older workers the possibility of early access to retirement and young people more opportunities to enter the labor market. In particular, the introduction of the APE model opens the way for a season of innovative reforms. The conference provides an overview of the progress of the ongoing pension reform program.                       THIRD CONFERENCE OCTOBER 26 HOURS 11:00 BY FLAEI CISL   YOUNG PEOPLE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP In Europe, 85% of new jobs are created by companies that innovate or by micro-companies, which a few years ago did not exist on the market. This means that stimulating, supporting and enhancing research and innovation must be one of the priorities that Europe, and Italy, must give to foster a revival of the economy that starts from innovators, good ideas and young people. In Italy, in recent years tools, models and experiences of support and promotion of self-entrepreneurship, of great importance and interest, are spreading, where innovation, skills and competitiveness are the central elements. In such a context, a new role is emerging for companies created by young people and for the sustainability and social responsibility policies of large companies. In fact, the creation of shared value in the territory cannot fail to address the new economic and social emergencies caused by youth unemployment and the lack of opportunities, which particularly afflicts the new generations. The promotion of creativity and the culture of innovation is of crucial importance for the support of personal development and for an active social inclusion. In fact, creativity contributes to social and individual well-being and economic prosperity. Supporting the creative energy and innovation capacity of young people means helping to develop existing potential and find stable employment. What are the tools that can be put in place?   Moderato

Thus, there is a need for a wide-ranging cultural / scientific and training proposal, based on an active participation of the social actors, to encourage the progress of new economic-industrial-social development models and contribute to a process of advancement. of contemporary society.