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Employment relationship management

  • Drafting of individual employment contracts
  • Transfers and job changes
  • Non-competition agreements, stability, confidentiality, know-how discipline and company inventions
  • Remote controls
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Individual layoffs
  • Drafting of disciplinary codes, ethical codes and company regulations
  • Privacy protection

Restructuring, reorganization, company transfers, insolvency procedures

  • Collective redundancies
  • Business transfers, branch rents
  • Integrazione Procedures for layoffs and mobility
  • Solidarity Contracts
  • Assistance in insolvency proceedings and in restructuring processes
  • Outsourcing

Industrial relations

  • Negotiation of company collective agreements, also in derogation of the law
  • Company bargaining for the smart-working discipline
  • Participation in trade union negotiations
  • Consultation and information procedures
  • Resolving issues related to the activity of union representatives


  • Customer assistance and representation at every stage and level of judgment over the entire national territory
  • Management of trade union disputes
  • Management of inspection and social security litigation.


  • Disability and disability pensions
  • Indirect pensions and survivors’ pensions
  • Redemption, totalization and rejoining of social security contributions
  • Supplementary pension provision
  • Contribution recovery debt