Professional activity and training

Vincenzo Vitiello has been involved in data design and analysis since the late 90s
contributing to the implementation of management systems and network infrastructures.
He graduated in Naples in 2005, at the Faculty of Science MM.FF.NN., and in 2007 he is an engineer to the Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples, in 2018 he moved to the Order of the
Engineers of Rome. In 2016 he joined the team of the Cafiero Pezzali & amp; Law Firm associates,
setting up a task force for the technical-legal management of data-related issues
Protection, Cyber ​​Risk and data access violation.
In 2004 he worked on the “IT Protocol System of the University Federico II”,
redefining the entire organizational structure and software.
His passion for design gave him the opportunity to work for a few years
exciting activities in the various engineering sectors and in support of Information Systems for
various companies.
From 2007, for public and private institutions, he covers the following roles:

– European Privacy Expert 2016/679
– DPO – Data Protection Officer
– DPO – Healthcare facilities
– DPO – Public educational institutions
– Automation of administrative flows.
– Digital analysis.
– Systems engineer expert in satellite data transmission systems in the maritime sector.
– Cyber ​​Risk Assessment.
– OSINT: Open Source Intelligence.
– Security: Safety and Security.
– Research and development.
– Strategic marketing.
– Design and development of websites, portals and social networks.
– Design of WI-FI networks and Structured Cabling.
– Web Based Applications Design.
– Computer Forensic.

In 2015 he founded WiCode® Srl, a Cyberspace & amp; Social Resilience Excellence Center, where it is deals with analysis of Business Idea, Data Analysis, Prototyping and Internationalization. In detail:

– Analysis and Data Protection
– Cyber ​​Risk Assessment
– Business Continuity & amp; Data Protection Plan
– Social Engineering
– Open Source Intelligence (Open Source Analysis) & amp; Cyber ​​HUMINT
– ICT Resilience Auditing
– Management Plan and Neutralization of Vulnerability
– Project Management
– Research and Innovation
– Big Data Analyst, Business Continuity and System Security
– Problem Solving and Strategy

Some training courses

– Expert D.P.O. Data Protection Officer EU Reg. 2016/679 – N.26 / 2018.
– Satellite data transmission, installation and configuration of satellite equipment on boats.
– The Terrorist Phenomenon Odierno
– Analysis Perspectives.
– Open Source Intelligence.
– Anti-terrorism
– Introduction to Cloud Networking.
– UNI EN ISO 22301: 2014 standard.
– ISO / IEC 27001
– Introduction to Safety Management Systems Information.
– Training Course in Operational Marketing: Theory & amp; Method. Furthermore in 2010 he is co-founder of ReXoLcom S.r.l. with which he lives the dawn of liberalization of wi-fi and then deals with the construction of an engine inferential for the sentiment of textual content, it also publishes a Web App for analysis of sentiment and influencers of the entire geolocalized Twitter flow in the territory Italian. In 2015
– Realization of an app for iOS and Android called MOTYFi for the City of Florence with integration of geo-referenced content, geolocated push notifications, services of interaction and moderation of contributions from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and content management backend.

Academic activity
In 2016 he stipulates an agreement with the University of Perugia – Department Philosophy, Social, Human and Training Sciences, for the development of the Internship of Education and Orientation of Studies.
Associative activity
In October 2017 he joined the AFCEA Chapter of Rome and in January 2018 he was a part of the Technical Scientific Committee, and is responsible for the Privacy Group. In 2018 he joined the ADPOE – European Data Protection Officer Association in order to deepen and to share the issues related to EU Regulation 2016/679 and privacy.

Attività professionale e Formazione e Accademica

Nato a Vallo della Lucania (SA) il 5.8.1959 Coniugato con due figli

Dottore commercialista in Salerno dal 1984

Incarichi Giudiziari:

-Curatore fallimentare presso il Tribunale di Salerno

-Amministratore Giudiziario di procedure Antimafia Tribunale di Salerno; -Commissario Liquidatore in procedure di Liq.Coatta, -Consulente Tecnico del P.M. (Procura Salerno e Vallo della Lucania); -Consulente Tecnico del Giudice Tribunale di Salerno;

Sindacali /Amministrazioni (tra gli altri):

-Già Vicepresidente – Banca di Salerno,

-Collegio Sindacale della FONDAZIONE CASSA DI RISPARMIO SALERNITANA -Componente Collegio Sindacale Partesa Campania GRUPPO HEINKEN – -Già nel collegio sindacale Banca di Salerno


-Titolare di uno Studio professionale in Salerno e Roma, composto da quattordici collaboratori;;

-Consulente di gruppi e società dislocati prevalentemente nell’Italia centro/meridionale, con particolare riferimento a operazioni di natura straordinaria.

-Advisor di imprese e banche nella gestione di procedure concorsuali; -Relatore a seminari destinati alle Banche aventi ad oggetto la crisi d’impresa;


Dal 1990 a 1996 Cultore alla Cattedra di Finanza Aziendale;(Università di Salerno)

Dal 1996 al 1998 Cultore alla Cattedra di Diritto Bancario (Università di Salerno)