Lawyer Roberta Rossi

Professional activity and training

Criminal lawyer, authorized to practice before the Supreme Court of Cassation, since enrollment in the Register she focuses his professional activity exclusively in the field of criminal law, further specializing then in the issues of the company’s criminal law.

In 2012 she started with Lawyer. Massimiliano Annetta at the Law Firm Annetta & Associate.

Graduated with 110 cum laude from the University of Siena in 2000, she obtained a specialization in legal professions at the Specialization School for the Legal

Professions of the University of Florence in 2004.

She has a good knowledge of English


Academic activity

She is a contract lecturer in criminal law at the Link Campus University of Rome as part of the 1st level University Master’s degree in Anti-corruption: a new model of public ethics. Regulatory responses and new protagonists and of the 2nd level University Master’s Degree in Migration Flow Governance.

She was a professor of criminal law at the School of Specialization for the Legal Professions of the University of Florence. He is a member of the Criminal Law Study Group of the Lawyers Syndicate of Florence as well as a lecturer in Technical Seminars for the drafting of deeds and opinions and in the Seminars of Defense Techniques of the parties in the first instance criminal proceedings organized by the Florence Bar Association

She was also a lecturer in the qualification course for registration on the list of the defenders before the Juvenile Court organized by the Lawyers’ Orders of the District of Tuscany.

Numerous seminars and conferences attended as a speaker, among which we highlight, by way of example: Speaker at the conference “Protection of the victim in the wake of European guidelines” organized by the Florence Bar Association;

Speaker at the conference “Where are we?” Three years from the decree 93/2013. The warnings: these strangers? “Organized by the Association of Women Jurists of Italy in collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Committee of the Order of Lawyers of Florence;

Speaker at the conference “7 and 8: decriminalization and repeal. First reflections and critical points on legislative decrees n. 7/2016 and 8/2016” organized by the Florence Lawyers Syndicate and the Training Foundation of the Florence Bar Association;

Speaker at the conference “Self-laundering and tax crimes. The perennial conflict between jurisprudential torsions and the legislator’s typing efforts “organized by the Florence Lawyers Syndicate and the Foundation for Training of the Florence Bar Association


Associative activity

She is a member of the Executive Council of the Lawyers Syndicate of Florence, a territorial association of the National Forensic Association.

As a congress participant, she took part in the XXXIII National Forensic Congress.

As a member of the Criminal Chamber, she is a member of the Permanent Commission for the training of lawyers at the Florence Bar Association.

She was delegate of the Criminal Chamber of Florence to the National Congress of the Union of Criminal Chambers held in Parma.

She was coordinator of the coordination of the lawyers nation established by the then Chief Justice of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando and Head of the Metropolitan PD jail in Florence.


Main publications

She is a member of the editorial board of the Notiziario Magazine

  • in course of publication: (Few) lights and (many) shadows of the Orlando reform in Forensic News, 2017
  • Child prostitution in AA.VV., Crimes against sexual freedom, 2014, GIAPPICHELLI
  • The prison emergency. When the dysfunctions of the system violate human rights in AA.VV. The question of justice. reform or disarticulation of the system? monographic notebook of the Scelte Pubbliche magazine published by the Romano Viviani Association, Florence, 2011
  • Comment on the art. 3, paragraph 29, L. 94/09 in AA.VV., The security package, 2010, DIKE
  • On the jurisdictional motivation of the personal use of drugs, in AA.VV. Criminal Court of Cassation 2009, 2009, Edizioni CieRre
  • The latest news on vandalism and damage, Special security package, in Lawyers Instrumental, 2009, n. X
  • The request for a severance pays in order to withdraw from the lease agreement does not integrate the crime of extortion, in Strumentario avvocati, 2009, n. VII / VIII
  • The holding of a quantity of drug exceeding the maximum limits indicated in the ministerial decree does not constitute a presumption of guilt on the part of the accused, in Strumentario avvocati, 2009, n. YOU
  • The interest in appealing to the Supreme Court against rulings de liberated in the light of the new legislation introduced in paragraph 1 bis of the art. 405 c.p.p., in Lawyers Instrumental, 2009, n. III;