Lawyer Paola Pezzali

Professional activity and training

She is a member of the Forensic Congress Organization (OCF)

She has been a lawyer for the Court of Rome since 1993 and patron of the Court of Cassation since 2005.

She started her forensic career in 1989, after graduating in law at the Tor Vergata University with the highest grade under the direction of prof. Enzo Musco.

In April 2016, she decided to open an associated law firm with the lawyer Ciro Cafiero.

From 1996 to April 2016, she was founder partner of the Pezzali Law Firm.

She has experience in the field of labor law and industrial relations.

She has carried out judicial assistance and out-of-court consultancy in relation to every profile of the employment relationship, including public employment, as well as to every profile pertaining to the organization of work in national and international companies, including personnel management, interpretation and application of the CCNL rules, labor relations, labor contracts, trade union negotiations also with reference to second-level bargaining, arbitration, privacy and corporate security, procurement contracts and service management, company transfers.

With strong skills in the field of industrial relations, she assists companies in the area of ​​corporate collective bargaining, also in the field of smart-working.

She is the legal trustee of important production companies and various public bodies, including European ones.

She has gained experience in the field of civil and corporate law.

By way of example, she oversaw the establishment of companies with mixed capital and project financing operations, carried out consultancy services in favor of surety and financial companies of national importance as well as in favor of international companies operating in the field of medical activities, of insurance companies of primary importance and of companies operating in the distribution of products and services, and finally of production companies of theatrical, television and cinematographic activities.

She is responsible for the A.C.E. Legal Office, the European Consumers Association.

She can speak English fluently.

Academic activity

She is a lecturer in labor law for the Master in Anti-Corruption (A new model of public ethics: ordinal responses and new protagonists) at the Postgraduate University School of Link Campus University.

She is a lecturer in the second level master’s degree in labor law and industrial relations at the Pegaso Telematic University.

Specialization courses

Institutional course of community law organized by the Italian Association of European Jurists in collaboration with the Council of the Order of Lawyers and Attorneys of Rome;

Advanced School for Bankruptcy Trustees, organized by the Order of Lawyers and Attorneys of Rome, in collaboration with the Order of Chartered Accountants of Rome and with the College of Accountants of Rome at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”

Specialization course in new types of contracts in the workplace, organized by the Council of the Bar Association of Rome;

Advanced Master’s degree course on “Reform of the new corporate process”

Course for the purpose of obtaining the title of media concil.

Associative activity

She won the XIX Young Lawyers Conference.

She was President of the APL “Avvocati Per il Lavoro” Association (
Since 2004 she is a member of the following Commissions of the Council of the Bar Association of Rome: Study and Research Center; Civil and procedural law commission;

Equal Opportunities Commission;

Commission for Free Sponsorship; Study Commission for Telecommunications Law;

Committee for the Arbitration Chamber.

She is a speaker at the numerous conferences organized by the Bar Association of Rome, among others she was one of the following:

  • The Fornero reform: New employment contracts and new limits to judicial protection of
    workers’ rights;
  • 10 months after entry into force, the point on ATP in relation to Social Security;
  • First procedural implications of the Fornero Reform regarding dismissal and Term contracts;
  • The Trademark and the Copyright between the law and the economy;
  • Possessory rite and civil process reform;
  • The right executive process;
  • Real estate brokerage and the protection of the buyer of buildings to be built.

She is a corporate partner of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

Main publications

She is a member of the editorial board of the online journal “Giustizia del Lavoro in Rome and Lazio”, whose scientific committee is made up, among others, by professor Romano Vaccarella and professor Piero Sandulli.

She is the author with Professor Antoni Caiafa of “The new arrangement with creditors. Procedural profiles – Contracts in progress – Labor relations”, Pacini Giuridica, 2016.

C. Cafiero, P. Pezzali, The new frontiers of business: smart-working, crowd work and corporate crises in pending relationships in bankruptcy and in agreed crisis solutions, Coll. Business crisis law, edited by A. Caifa, legal Dike, currently being published.

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